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Duke Hawkins: Harrier II

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Duke Hawkins: Harrier II


For this book on the Harrier II, we assembled an incredible amount of photos; the RAF/Royal Navy Harriers were photographed in great detail, while we visited the Spanish Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I to photograph the radar-equipped EAV-8B up close. On top of that, we included photos taken in the US of both the AV-8B Harrier II Plus and Night Attack Harrier.

Action photos were made by former Harrier pilots, in Afghanistan and on board of RN aircraft carriers. This 11th book in the series has 140 pages and packed with over 350 never before published photographs. It took us quite some time to get it finished and we had a lot of fun working on it! We’ve got the entire jet in real close-up, including the cockpit, landing gear bays and as usual, the aircraft in maintenance.

Action and close-up!

The Harrier II is a versatile jet with incredible capabilities. We show it in every detail and point out the differences between the versions. The BAE Systems Harrier GR7, GR9 and two-seater T.12, as well as the AV-8B Night Attack and Harrier II Plus.

Details include the air intake, movable nozzles, refuelling probe, vertical tail, wings, speed brake, radome, landing gear and more. Like in our other books, we also have a maintenance chapter in this book, showing just about everything.

About 14 pages of cockpit photos are included, both of single seat and two-seat versions. And we include some additional photos of the ejection seat out of the aircraft. Ideal for modellers!

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